Seasonal Bird Seed Gift Boxes from Boxwild

Support the birds throughout the year with one of these seasonal bird seed gift boxes from Boxwild.

With the UK currently in the hands of a nation-wide heatwave, birds and wildlife need our help to support them. As well as making sure we leave out water for them, they also need a helping hand with feeding, and this is where Boxwild comes in.

Whether you are looking for seed to feed the birds this summer or a gift for Christmas, each of these gift boxes feature a varied range of hand-mixed blends that have been designed to supplement the natural diet for wild birds, according to the season.

BoxwildThe Summer Bird Seed Gift Box is just £18 and contains a handy seed scoop and approximately 1kg of seed blends that will keep the bird chirping all summer long. The Summer Blend is full of sunshiny goodness and is packed with juicy raisins and peanuts. Just pop in a hanging feeder and watch the flock congregate. This gift box also contains the Boxwild Bird Seed Blend, which is their trademark mix of 10 seeds including 3 types of Sunflower Seeds, Linseed, Chopped Peanuts and Safflower.

The last pack included is the Big Bird Blend, which is made from split green peas, sunflower hearts, safflower, whole wheat, kibbled maize and naked oats. As it is for the larger birds, just sprinkle on the ground or place in a ground feeder.
Wintertime is probably the most crucial time to bolster the diets of the wildlife in your garden. The Winter Bird Seed Gift Box features a pack of the Boxwild Bird Seed Blend, along with the Winter Bird Seed Blend, which is a nutritious, warming mix of seed designed with a higher fat content the birds need to keep up their energy and strength in the winter months. This is available online for £18.

And lastly, the box includes a seed scoop and a pack of the Robin Bird Seed Blend, which contains 9 seed types including White Millet, Hemp Seed and Black Rapeseed to support our red-breasted friends.

Fast forward to Christmas too, and the difficult task of buying gifts. Luckily, Boxwild have this covered with their Christmas Bird Seed Gift Box.  Also priced at £18,  it contains the Robin Bird Seed Blend and the Winter Bird Seed Blend, but it also contains a pack of the Boxwild Christmas Bird Seed Blend, which features a delicious mix of 10 seeds including 3 types of Sunflower Seeds, Linseed, Chopped Peanuts and Safflower.

BoxwildBoxwild also have a collection for vegetarians who don’t like the thought of feeding birds suet and even mealworms. The Vegetarian Bird Seed Box contains three of Boxwild’s popular seed blends, none of which contain Suet or Mealworms. This is also available for £18.

Along with a seed scoop, the Vegetarian Bird Seed Box comes with the All Seasons Blend – a nutritious mix of 11 seeds including Red and Yellow Millet, Safflower, White Dari and Kibbled Maize – the Boxwild Blend and the Robin Blend. This would make a unique and thoughtful gift for a green-fingered vegetarian or vegan.

About Boxwild:
Boxwild’s ethos is strongly eco-conscious and revolves around helping wildlife and nature thrive. Therefore, each food pack has been hand-blended at their kitchen in Surrey to give optimum nutrition for your garden birds. They also donate 50p from every box sold to various wildlife charities in the UK to support the wonderful work they do.

As well as bird food, they also stock a range of other gifts and accessories, from Children’s Gifts Boxes through to gorgeous ceramic feeders. To see the full range, just click here.