Hosting the Perfect Vegan Dinner Party

World Vegan Month

World Vegan Month, taking place in November, aims to recognise, educate and solicit advice based around not only how far the vegan lifestyle has developed, but also how this choice has benefited both individuals and the overall community. To celebrate, Yumbles offer their top tips on how to host the perfectly delicious vegan dinner party.

The Menu

Most undoubtably the first and most important point to consider when hosting your very own dinner party is the menu. The thought of a vegan menu may seem a little daunting at first, but you’d be surprised by how many incredibly tasty free-from dishes you’re able to create. When selecting your dishes, absolutely ensure that your recipes are meat, poultry, seafood, eggs and dairy free. Whilst this may on the surface sound like you’re restricted ingredients-wise, there are so many incredible everyday vegan products, from dark chocolate to nuts, legumes and plants. The number of courses you want to dish up is also a key element to consider and this choice will depend on the style of your dinner party, be it a traditional three courser, a five-course tasting menu or a family sharing meal.

At this point, it’s also worth remembering to check with your guests for any dietary requirements or allergies. Many popular vegan dishes are soy-based, which could be a no-no for anyone allergic to soy.

The Starter

After weighing up the number of courses you are serving, you can begin to plan the perfectly balanced starter. A starter may seem like a simple appetiser to some, but it’s actually one of the most important elements of any dinner party. A starter sets the tone for the meal, and should be the perfect size, in order to avoid unnecessary fullness after only the first course. Butternut squash is a fantastically versatile vegetable and a great start to any seasonal menu, particularly in soup form, with a side of Vegan skillet bread. If you fancy something a little lighter, a salad is a fabulous choice, add avocado, orange and carrot for an extra burst of flavour.

The Main Course

veganChoosing the perfect main course is going to be a little trickier, as you don’t want to disappoint your guests. There are so many popular vegan dishes, perfect as your main event, and choosing the right one will require some thought. Some dishes will take longer than others to prepare and cook, so it’s important to select your recipe of choice based on your time constraints and ability. For something a little more hands on and interactive, hosting a make your own vegan pizza night could be the perfect way to celebrate. Alternatively, creating a classic recipe, re-worked vegan style could go down well with your guests. Lasagne and Bolognese can both be cooked using plant-based mince and seasonal veg.

Vegan roast dinners are another classic favourite, but to really push the boundaries, why not rustle up something a little different such as a coconut chickpea curry, a red onion tart or try George’s Tofu & Tomato Loaf.

The Dessert

veganDessert will always be a crowd favourite, whether you’re a sweet tooth or a savoury lover. For the sugar fiends, sticky toffee pudding and Eton mess are a firm choice, but if they don’t tickle your taste buds, there are so many fantastic raw vegan cheesecake recipes, which are simple to make and oh so delicious. For a savoury end to your meal, you may want to offer a cheese board. You might be surprised to learn that there are vast options when it comes to vegan cheese with everything from vegan mozzarella and cheddar, to smoked or cream cheeses.

The key to a fantastic dessert is prep time, ensuring you have everything ready and raring to go in anticipation of the arrival of your guests means you have far less to worry about come treat time.


Make your vegan dinner party a night to remember and introduce some light entertainment throughout the evening. Games or music are always good options and will help the party flow and break the ice for everyone. If you’re really wanting to educate on the world of vegan living, there’s an opportunity to hold a prize themed vegan quiz, testing your guests on their knowledge and maybe teaching them a thing or two along the way.

For everything you’d need to host the perfect vegan dinner party this November, along with a whole host of ideas, tips and tricks, Explore a range of vegan hampers available at Yumbles. Being a host can be testing at times, but remember to plan and prepare, and most of all have fun as you delve into the world of vegan cooking!