Christmas Card Etiquette

Writing Christmas cards should be a festive tradition to look forward to and an opportunity to reach out to friends and family, wishing them well for the coming year. Whilst everyone appreciates the sentiment behind receiving a personalised, handwritten Christmas card, knowing what to write can cause hours of deliberation and unnecessary stress – to help relieve any festive fury Hallmark have shared their ultimate guide to Christmas Card Etiquette.

Messages from the Heart

Whilst typed messages and personalised stamps are a fantastic aid to help the time-poor ensure that their Christmas cards are sent on time, the extra effort of a handwritten message really does make a difference. If you haven’t already, start an annual tradition where writing your Christmas cards marks the start of the festive season – dig out your all-time favourite Christmas play list and make a night of writing cards with your family, drinking hot chocolate and eating mince pies.

CardWhat to Write

Writing thoughtful, personalised, Christmas messages for all your family and friends can become tedious and often the sentiment is all but lost after the first batch of cards. To ease the strain of writing countless individualised messages, stick to brief but meaningful captions such as:

* Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

* Peace, joy and love to you and your family

* Sending love and best wishes this Christmas

Responsible Sourcing

Did you know that if we lined up the world’s Christmas cards, they would wrap around the globe a staggering 500 times! With this in mind, and in the spirit of Christmas, always try to source your cards responsibly. Hallmark is a market leader in the paper-based industry and a great company to consider when looking for environmentally-friendly cards. Hallmark are committed to purchasing their products from well-managed forests, complying to FSC standards – you can browse their extensive Christmas range here.

Signing Off

When signing off your Christmas cards, it’s customary to reserve ‘with love’ for your closest family members, your partner and children – for extended family and friends, ‘best wishes’ is a more appropriate signature. Traditionally, when signing a card, the man’s name is written first, followed by the woman and then any children – for a more modern solution to Christmas card hierarchy, why not choose names alphabetically. Allowing children to doodle their own name is also a nice, personal touch.


Traditionally, it’s customary for the husband’s name to be written first in an address but with integrated families now the norm, why not keep it fun, relaxed and personal? Stick to first names, nicknames or even family names such and Grandma & Grandad – if the address is correct, the card will find its way to your loved ones.

Sending in Time

Your Christmas cards should always be posted by the first week in December, this will allow enough time for your card to arrive and take pride of place on your loved one’s mantelpieces a couple of weeks before Christmas Day.

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